Customized Training

The Pedagogy philosophy for providing online continuing education, intravenous therapy training and facility staff training:

  • Provide online individual training at the highest possible level of quality and flexibility for the individual
  • Provide facility level staff training programs to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies, corporate, state and facility requirements

Reducing the costs of training and providing the best quality care to patients are the goals of every employer. The Pedagogy philosophy helps you meet those goals.

Pedagogy offers individualized training for facilities, hospitals, and home care agencies. Continuity of education, new hire orientation and in-services can all be managed, tracked and documented through our online system. Your site specific package is secure, in your control and available only to your designated staff.

Potential Courses:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • In-Services
  • Human Resources
  • State Compliance
  • Federal Compliance
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Virtually Anything

Any topic can be turned into an online course to help deliver effective training to employees and manage the education process. Requirements are handled on an individual basis. Contact us today to find out how your materials may be delivered online.

Cost Considerations and Benefits

  • No need for multiple in-services to cover all shifts
  • Bulky paper management of tracking training compliance is online
  • No need to pay over-time for second and third shifts to attend
  • Free up Inservice/Educator time by streamlining teaching and documentation
  • In-service and compliance may be completed from any computer with internet access at anytime

Pedagogy is designed to provide the best possible individual training and assist facilities with the management of education, in-services, corporate compliance and regulatory compliance training.

If you would like to find out more about our custom training options, click here.

Return On Investment (ROI) is an important focus for Pedagogy, and our programs are designed to help your facility realize tremendous savings. How much savings? Click here to see an example.

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