Pharmacy Partnership Program

Many Pharmacies have a contractual obligation, or value added training program of some kind. Training in today's world presents challenges in resources, scheduling, travel expenses, and the overhead of delivering quality education. From large corporate training programs, to the small Pharmacy trying to grow or compete for business, the challenges of supporting your customer's needs can be daunting. Pedagogy is here to help you. Here is how we solve the challenges you face:
  • We allow you to do what you do best. Concentrate on selling more IV's while being assured that facility nurses are properly credentialed.
  • There is NO COST to the Pharmacy!
  • You can compete or surpass the "big" boys and offer comprehensive education programs. 
  • You can load your own training into our system and deliver in-services or classes to your clients in a consistent manor.
  • Shift your education focus to demonstrations of proper technique, and competency check-offs.
  • Turn your education program into a profit center.
  • Win-Win: No travel-related costs, personnel coverage issues or class cancellations.
  • Your education curriculum grows as Pedagogy grows.
  • Deliver consistent levels of education across all your customers 24/7/365.
The return on investment of having full time dedicated training staff, coordinating onsite or distributed training for your clients and making sure your education costs are covered can be a huge resource drain. Pedagogy online education solves so many of those issues AND you get paid monthly for the training taken via your facilities.

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