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Angil Tarach-Ritchey


With over 30 years experience in senior care and advocacy Angil is very passionate about eldercare and is well respected in her field. Angil has written over 60 articles for various websites and publications, and has been featured or quoted in several articles. Her passion and expertise have led to being published in the Chicago Sun Times, Wellsphere, Maturity Matters, Medpedia, Vitamins Health, Pain Today, Aging Wisely, Medworm, National Senior Living Providers Network, Alzheimer’s New Zealand and several other publications. She has been featured in WE Magazine for Women; Women on a Mission, Life Goes Strong, His is Mine, Pedagogy Inc., You and Me Health Magazine, Faith Filled family Magazine, and more. Several publications and websites, such as CNBC, Reuters, Consumer Affairs, MSN Careers, PTO Today, Second Act, and Women Entrepreneur have interviewed and quoted her in articles on eldercare, business, and even elementary school hygiene.

Most of her career has been in geriatrics, home health and hospice, but she has held positions in everything from a nurse’s aide to Director of Nursing in LTC facilities, a Nurse Manager in an acute psychiatric prison hospital, and an Infection Control Coordinator for the State of Michigan. She most recently owned a homecare agency for 10 years in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her experience is more than professional, it is personal. Angil was involved with her Grandmother’s care, who was affected by vascular dementia, and is now providing intermittent assistance to her aging parents, locally and long-distance. She understands elder care, and the role of family caregiver’s.

Angil’s healthcare experience goes beyond service. After 5 years of suffering with a life changing mystery illness, she was diagnosed in 2008 with Sjogren’s Syndrome, and Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Being on both sides of healthcare, as a professional and patient, gives her a unique point of view. She is married, has 2 sons, 3 step-children, and 4 grandchildren. Angil enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing other cultures. She is actively involved in her church and facilitates a weekly eldercare support group there.

Behind the Old FaceAngil’s best-selling book titled “Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom” is a must read! Here are some notable endorsements she has received.

“This book is a must read for the baby Boomer generation. It faces the challenges of aging head on, written with compassion and vision.”
−Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., Author of A New Purpose: Redefining Money, Family, Work, Retirement and Success

“Angil has done a remarkable job illustrating the difficulties facing our seniors today, compelling the reader towards empathy and providing a unique solution to what may be the next major public healthcare debate…the rising cost of caring for our older generations.”
− Vesper Patrick | Director, Content Development Nurse Together

“Tarach-Ritchey encourages us to not only reframe our thinking about aging in an empowering way, she also presents us with a practical, nuts-and-bolts solution for the pending baby-boomer retirement wave. She invites us not only to honor the aging process, but provides a means by which we are more able to do so.”
− Shayne A. Mason RN, MSN, NP Co-host “Nurse Talk Radio”, Instructor – University of San Francisco

Click the book for more information and a look inside.
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