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Gadi Segal
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Dr. Segal is the Deputy Director of Internal Medicine "T" at the Tel-Aviv Medical Center; a specialist in internal medicine; and is also co-founder, CEO, and Medical Director at Medidactic, Ltd., a company dedicated to the science and application of e-learning programs for health care professionals.


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Acid-Base Insight Generator

An online continuing education course for nurses, medical health care professionals, and other interested individuals.

Learning acid-base metabolism has always been a challenging task for healthcare students, both nurses and physicians. Nevertheless, as acid-base disturbances are life threatening and demand rapid analysis and correction, their understanding is of critical importance.

The acid-base Insight Generator™ was designed to endow the students with both the knowledge and understanding of acid and base metabolic disturbances and a sense of competence. The courseware consists of interactive chapters, gradually progressing from biochemical introduction to interactive, clinical case scenarios. At scenario stage the students must first diagnose the clinical problem (i.e. a panic attack giving rise to hyperventilation), then diagnose the acid-base disturbance according to the lab results (i.e. respiratory alkalosis) and last decide on appropriate means of intervention (i.e. means for closed-loop respiration).


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

1. Locate various pH, HCO3 and PCO2 values on the acid-base matrix, and define their clinical relevance.
2. Discuss different acid-base disorders, their etiology, pathophysiology and means of correction.
3. Define the most probable acid-base disturbance according to clinical history.
4. Discuss the initial treatment appropriate for various conditions associated with acid-base disturbance.


Chapter 1
Pre-clinical introduction

  • The basic equation of blood gases
  • Acidosis
  • Alkalosis
  • HCO3-
  • PCO2
  • The acid-base matrix
Levels I & II
  • Familiarization with the acid-base matrix
Clinical introduction
  • Underlying pathophysiology leading to acid-base disturbances
Level III
  • Acute metabolic & respiratory acidosis
  • Acute metabolic & respiratory alkalosis
  • Compensatory mechanisms
Level IV
  • Defining acid-base pathologies from clinical history and lab results
Level V
  • Defining compensated acid-base pathologies from clinical history and lab results
Level VI
  • Define initial treatment based on clinical history and lab results

Course Snapshot

Cost: $ 20.00
Contact Hours: 2


After successful completion the licensed nurse: RN, LPN/LVN will receive 2.0 contact hours. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15467.

Course approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, CE Broker Tracking # 20-337467. CE Provider #: 50-13256.

Course approved by the Florida Board of Respiratory Care, CE Broker Tracking #20-337467, course provides 2.0 contact hours. CE Provider #: 50-13256.

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