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Debra Collins
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As CEO and President of LTCS Books, Inc., Debra maintains a knowledge base and writes weekly articles on long term care and home health care federal regulatory changes.


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Pain Care

This inservice is designed for long term care nursing assistants, CNA's, and home health aides and provides instructions on monitoring pain and performing pain management interventions. Information is given on federal pain management guidelines, types of pain, pain assessment and care-planning, pain descriptions and scales, non-verbal indicators of pain, comfort measures, non-pharmacological interventions, and pain medication side effects.


On completion of this course, the participant will be able to: 

  1. Describe resident and client rights to adequate pain management.
  2. Name four causes and three types of pain. 
  3. Name five dimensions of pain description. 
  4. Explain how to monitor residents and clients for pain and how to respond to complaints or evidence of pain. 
  5. List six non-verbal indicators of pain. 
  6. Outline elements of a pain management care plan. 
  7. State two care plan goals for effective pain management. 
  8. List six non-pharmacological interventions and comfort measures for relieving pain.


Chapter 1: Pain Care and Nursing

Nursing Assistant Responsibilities
Pain Care Bill of Rights
Causes of Pain
Types of Pain
Federal Guidelines 

Chapter 2: Describing Pain

Pain Scales
Pain Terms
Qualitative Verbal Descriptions 
Chapter 3: Signs of Pain

Resident and Client Reports
Nonverbal Indicators 
Chapter 4: Assessment and Care-Planning for Pain

Pain Assessments
Pain Management Care Plans
Pain Management Goals
Resident, Client, and Family Participation 
Chapter 5: Pain Management Interventions

General Interventions
Building Trust
Non-pharmacological Interventions
Comfort Measures
Pain Medication Side Effects

Chapter 6: References

Course Snapshot

Cost: $ 10.00
Contact Hours: 1


Upon successful completion the Home Health Aid or Nurse Assistant will receive a Certificate of Completion for 1.0 inservice contact hour(s).
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