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Capra - (3/23/2012 1:11:22 PM)
I want to use Pedagogy education courses as orientation for all of my new hires. How can I accomplish this?
As a part of Pedagogy's service to facilities and corporations- we set up a "facility dashboard" that is managed by appointed "administrators".  Usually this is the facility administrator,DON, or staff developement coordinator. Through this dashboard the designated person is able to add new students,assign courses, delete students from the facility roster and reassign their unused courses. This designated person is also able to monitor the nurses progress: they may view when courses are started, completed and test scores. They are also able to download this information into a spreadsheet for state survey or QA purposes.

Pedagogy can also set up a "Corporate" dashboard, that enables regional and/or corporations to moniter multiple facility's education progress.
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