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Administrator Arrested on Charges of Stealing 100,000 Dollars
A former Champaign nursing home administrator remains in jail after allegedly stealing more than $100,000 from residents. 
Authorities arrested Pamela S. Britt at her Champaign, IL home last week. She faces 12 felony counts of financial exploitation of an elderly person, theft, theft by deception and forgery.

The charges allege she stole from 18 victims at the 102-bed Heartland Health Care Center between January 2007 and May 2011. Champaign police detective Pat Kelly says Britt took advantage of faulty bookkeeping of residents' accounts.

“She was making false entries into the books and physically writing checks to herself,” the detective told local media outlets. “She was the authorized signer on the account, and in some cases, she was forging the signatures of other employees who were authorized signers.”

Kelly said Britt left the care center after hearing plans for an internal audit, which discovered the theft.

Her court date is scheduled for July 30 with bond set at $75,000. She faces up to 15 years in jail.

The Medicaid Fraud Bureau of the Illinois State police is following the case, according to Scott Mulford, spokesman for Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

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Aging is part of life and for many that will mean moving into an assisted living or nursing home. We are forced to relinquish our personal independence to be cared for by complete strangers. Actual abuse can take place in many forms: physical abuse, neglect and abandonment, sexual abuse, mental abuse, or financial or material exploitation, with each leaving telltale signs that all caregivers should be aware of.  The primary responsibility of health care workers is to promote the highest possible well-being of residents and clients. Facilities and agencies must assure that staff members have been educated in abuse prevention, and must report all incidences of abuse to regulatory agencies. Educating staff members about what constitutes abuse and what behavior must be prevented and reported is crucial to assuring resident and client well-being and safety.

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