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An Education Partner Brings Value Added Services to YOUR Customers
No doubt as a consultant or pharmacy in long term care, you see facilities that require inservicing and education.
Many pharmacies have a contractual obligation to provide IV Therapy education or other pharmacy related education. How does your company provide this education?

Developing quality education for your customers is a time consuming process. The education must be developed from evidence and best practices, requiring hours of research to develop. Each course should have measurable objectives and a test to reflect the attainment of those objectives. Presenting education and inservices is always a challenge. There are 3 shifts to contend with, schedules to rearrange to attend the inservice, and schedule arrangements to meet resident care needs during the inservice. Testing and grading of exams is a tedious process with mounds of paper to keep track of. Providing education in today's world presents challenges in resources, scheduling, travel expenses, and the overhead of delivering quality education. From large corporate training programs, to the small pharmacy or consultant firm trying to grow or compete for business, the challenges of supporting your customer's needs can be daunting.

What is the 21st century answer to this process? In two words Online Education! Pedagogy is here to help you. Here is how partnering with Pedagogy solves the challenges you face:
  • We allow you to do what you do best. Concentrate on selling pharmaceuticals, I.V.’s and providing consulting while being assured that facility nurses and staff are properly educated and credentialed.
  • A Pedagogy education portal can be set up with no costs to the pharmacy or consultant.
  • Compete with or surpass the "big" boys and offer comprehensive online education programs.
  • You can load your own education into our system and deliver in-services or courses to your clients in a consistent manor.
  • Shift your education focus to demonstrations of proper technique, and competency check-offs.
  • Turn your education program into a profit center.
  • Win-Win: No travel-related costs, personnel coverage issues or class cancellations.
  • Your education curriculum grows as Pedagogy grows.
  • Deliver consistent levels of education across all your customers 24/7/365.
  • A complete education portal branded with your company logo is available with a onetime set up fee.

The costs of having full time dedicated training staff, coordinating onsite or distributed training for your clients can be a huge resource drain. Pedagogy online education solves many of these issues and turns education into a revenue stream, not a revenue drain. To learn more give us a call at 903-871-2150 today!

What are the benefits of online education for your customers?
Staff Benefits
  • Our courses offer CE contact hours
  • Our courses incorporate adult learning principles
  • Audio capability—courses may be “read” aloud
  • Courses are packed with pictures, videos and illustrations to increase understanding of concepts
  • Review questions at the end of each chapter to ensure you are grasping the main concepts
  • Education prepares staff to confidently provide quality care
  • Tests provide feedback on incorrect questions
  • May repeat the test if the minimum 80% is not achieved
  • No travel to complete courses
  • No classroom time
  • No shift rescheduling to attend a course
  • Take courses as schedule permits
  • Stop and start courses as your schedules permit
  • Instant Certificates of Completion upon successful exam
  • Competency demonstration checklists included in many courses
  • Competency demonstrations are completed with a mentor, preceptor or employer

Facility/Agency Benefits
  • A happy staff that doesn’t have to travel long distances to receive education on a day off or after working the late shift.
  • Compliance with state, federal and regulatory commissions that require nursing and staff education.
  • Documentation that staff has had the necessary education.
  • No more juggling staff scheduling to allow nurses to attend a traditional classroom education course.
  • The ability to train more nurses with less expenditure.
  • Ability to provide quality consistent education to staff.
  • An educated staff is a statement of commitment of providing quality care to your patients, residents and clients —a highly marketable attribute.
  • Staff has education and is prepared for state and regulatory surveys. Less tags, fees and fines.
  • Increase census and revenue. Pedagogy education courses prepare your staff to care for higher acuity residents and prevent re-hospitalizations.

To get information on Pedagogy's Pharmacy Partnership Program CLICK HERE.
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