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Cultural Diversity in Healthcare
Why is understanding different cultures important in today's healthcare?
The main job of any health care provider is to ensure that the patient trusts him, is open to discussing his problems with him, and takes the treatment suggested by him. This will happen when the patient feels comfortable with the healthcare provider. If the patient belongs to some other culture, the only way a healthcare provider can make him comfortable is by taking into consideration the social and cultural differences between the two, during their interactions.

Today, in USA, there are people from Asian countries, African descents, Muslim countries, etc. living together. These people are part and parcel of the diverse American society. All these people have their own ways of living, beliefs, values etc. So, when a doctor deals with them, prior knowledge of their beliefs and culture, will help him provide a better care for these patients. If the healthcare provider is equipped with knowledge of their culture, it will certainly improve his communication with the patient as well as his family. The patient too, on his part, will be able to trust such a healthcare provider and is much more likely to continue with the treatment.

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Pedagogy addresses this in our online course “Addressing The Spiritual And Cultural Needs Of Clients”.

The instructional course is designed for nurses, social workers, and those providing pastoral services to culturally diverse individuals who are experiencing an illness. Those who are providing spiritual care and support have a responsibility to develop competencies that respond to the concerns and distresses expressed in uniquely spiritual and cultural ways by the person and significant others during an illness event. Therefore, the course is designed to assist health care professionals develop competencies to ensure the emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs of the person and significant others’ needs are met.

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