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Dehydration From Norovirus And A Unique Method Of Treatment
What the heck is Hypodermoclysis
With this year’s nasty outbreak of Norovirus many facilities are treating the resulting dehydration with a unique rehydrating technique called Hypodermoclysis.

What the heck is Hypodermoclysis?

This strange sounding technique is actually a simple, easy, cost effective method of rehydrating with subcutaneous fluids. Hypodermoclysis is often referred to as “clysis” and once nurses are familiar with the techniques it is often used to treat dehydration in the elderly. Nurses know that starting an IV in the dehydrated elderly population is often a difficult if not impossible task. With clysis an insertion of a catheter subcutaneously is all that is required and is the rehydration technique used in many facilities across the country to prevent a hospital admission for an IV placement and hydration.

Pamela Clark, CRNI and author for Pedagogy has developed an online continuing education course to teach nurses and healthcare professionals the procedures for hypodermoclysis. Although clysis is typically safer than IV hydration, the nurse should be familiar with the advantage’s, disadvantages and indications for use and complications of this technique. This course will review the administration techniques, infusion parameters, contraindications and provides 1.5 contact hours of continuing education.

To learn more, register or purchase the course “Reducing Hospitalization with Hypodermoclysis “, click on the course title.

To provide education to your facility nurses, please call us at 903-871-2150. Discounts apply to facilities that purchase 10 or more courses.
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