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Diseases Spread by Not Washing Hands
Many viruses and bacteria infect people only when they enter the nose or mouth. People with diseases transmitted via the fecal-oral route can spread the disease to nearby objects or food if they don't wash their hands well after using the toilet.
Airborne illnesses spread through droplets in the air, which land on nearby objects. Touching an infected object transmits germs to your hands; touching your nose or mouth with your unwashed hand infects you with the virus or bacteria.

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In healthcare settings, hand hygiene can prevent potentially fatal infections from spreading from patient to patient and from patient to healthcare worker and vice-versa.

Pedagogy’s online course “Handwashing Responsibilities in Healthcare” will identify the #1 defense in transmittable infections. This course is designed for nurses, nurse’s aides and healthcare workers in all healthcare settings since it is the single most important responsibility in preventing and reducing infections and disease transmission in all areas of patient care.  As a healthcare worker or professional you have heard about handwashing over and over in every orientation and in-service related to infection control, yet infection rates of MRSA, C-Diff, and other highly contagious infections continue to rise at an alarming rate.  This course will introduce a new perspective beyond basic infection control and hand hygiene, as a necessary part of patient safety and the healthcare provider’s responsibility.
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There are many benefits to a facility or corporation as well as staff with the use of on-line continuing education courses. Pedagogy can create a tailored corporate or facility training package to suit your particular needs and provide you with the tools you need to deliver training to a single location, or multiple locations across any geographic area.

Pedagogy online courses are designed for your staff to receive education in a time frame that fits their schedule. Courses may be taken in increments from any computer with access to the internet, from the comfort of their own home or within the work place.

Licensed nurses receive Continuing Education Contact hours. Pedagogy is an accredited provider of continuing education contact hours through the California Board of Registered Nurses and Florida Board of Nursing.

See CLASSES for a complete online catalog.

On-line training and education provides a tremendous cost savings to the employer. The obstacles as well as costs of conventional training are high.

On-line education provides the employer with:
  • A happy staff that doesn’t have to travel long distances to receive education on a day off or after working the late shift.
  • Compliance with state, federal and regulatory commissions that require nursing and staff education.
  • Documentation that staff has had the necessary education.
  • No more juggling staff scheduling to allow nurses to attend a traditional classroom education course.
  • The ability to train more nurses with less expenditure. See Online Training ROI, for examples of the amount of training cost that can be saved utilizing on-line education.
  • Ability to provide quality education to your staff.
  • Your educated staff is a statement of your commitment of providing quality care to your patients—a highly marketable attribute.
  • Staff has education and is prepared for state and regulatory surveys. Less tags, fees and fines.
  • Increase your census and revenue. The Pedagogy series of I.V. Therapy education courses prepare your staff to care for patients receiving I.V. therapy.
  • Custom on-line training available to achieve these benefits for ALL training, in servicing and compliance requirements. See Custom Training for more information.
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