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Dr. Chris Wolf's New Book
Brain health and better sleep have been in the news. How to sleep well or sleep better is a common question asked by millions.
Tonight across the globe many people will be struggling with how to get a better night's sleep and find an insomnia cure. Many will ask: How I can get better sleep? How is my brain health improved (or hurt) by poor sleep? Is my depression and anxiety being caused by poor sleep? Do sleep problems cause weight gain?

Other common sleep and brain health questions crying out for answers include: Will I go crazy if I can't sleep? What is sleep apnea and how do I know if I have it? Is medication an insomnia solution? What health problems relate to sleep disorders? Can better sleep improve my memory?

Sleep Better for Brain Health is designed to provide answers to these questions and help you improve memory and overall brain health. The book is a practical guide for people with insomnia and avoids technical and academic jargon.

Sleep Better for Brain Health provides a plan for an insomnia cure. As you begin to sleep better you improve your overall brain health. The book is designed to provide the reader with an insomnia solution rather than psychobabble and academic jargon.

Six basic principles are presented, which based upon research, have been shown to help most people with insomnia sleep better. For those needing professional help, the reader will be able to communicate their concerns more effectively to their healthcare provider.

The book is available at: Good Sleep Brain Health eBook
Dr. Wolf is also the author of “Dementia Diagnosis and Treatment”, an online CE course at Pedagogy. Click on the link to view his course: Dementia Diagnosis and Treatment: An Overview
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