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Effective Pain Management Crucial To Older Adults Well Being
"Under-treatment of chronic pain in older adults is common, contributing to unnecessary suffering," said Deborah Dillon McDonald, RN, PhD, of the University of Connecticut School of Nursing, who served as an advisor for the issue. "Older adults and practitioners need to work together to find optimal multi- modal pain management plans that reduce pain and avoid adverse events."
Pain is a signal that something is wrong, and that reports of pain should not be dismissed simply because the patient is older. Furthermore, the issue demonstrates that chronic musculoskeletal pain is associated with numerous problems such as increased disability and sleep difficulty in older people.

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Pedagogy’s online course “Current Concepts in Adult Pain Management” is designed to provide current concepts and skills related to pain control. As research sheds light on pain management issues and treatment methods, nurses are expected to maintain competency in assessing and treating their patients’ pain, as well as the side effects of those pain control interventions. For both the RN and LPN/LVN involved in patient care, this course contains current practices for best patient outcomes.

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