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Falls Prevention Awareness Day
The First Day of Fall Is Also “National Falls Prevention Awareness Day”!
It is no coincidence that the first day of fall, Saturday September 22, 2012, has been deemed “National Falls Prevention Awareness Day,” by a resolution introduced by Senator Herb Kohl from Wisconsin. Senator Kohl chairs the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging. Read the entire article about this new “day”: CLICK HERE

Why should we even have a day dedicated to falls prevention? Raising awareness about this new “day” is important because more than 20,000 older adults died from falls-related injuries in 2008, and falls are the leading cause of injuries in adults over 65 years old. By bringing attention to the fact that many, many falls are preventable, and by bringing awareness to professionals, older adults, and their families, we can do something to change these needless deaths and injuries.
Education is the way to raise awareness about falls prevention! We, as healthcare professionals working in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home care settings, or clinics, are the agents of change that can make the difference in preventing needless injuries and deaths! Pegagogy is so proud to offer an online nursing education course, Managing Falls In the Nursing Home: Who, Why and What Next?, authored by Dr. Rein Tideiksaar, who is a leading expert and author on the topic of falls prevention.

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