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Fear of Falling Linked to Future Falls in Older People
Fear of falling is likely to lead to future falls among older people, irrespective of their actual fall risk, finds a study published online in the British Medical Journal.
This indicates that measures of both actual and perceived fall risk should be included in fall risk assessments to help tailor interventions for preventing falls in older people. Fear of falling is common in older people and is associated with poor balance, anxiety, depression and falls. But the problem of irrational fear has been neglected in the scientific literature.

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For many years, it was assumed that falls were unavoidable accidents, due to just being old, and that nothing, apart from restricting a resident’s mobility or placing them in physical restraints, could be done to prevent falls. Over the past several years, however, interest in fall prevention flourished and, as a result, our thinking about falls has dramatically changed. We now have a better understanding of why falls occur. Pedagogy’s online course ”Managing Falls In the Nursing Home: Who, Why and What Next?"

Will provide necessary knowledge to identify causes, risks, and prevention of falls. Our online education course also addresses the psychological problems associated with falls.

Fear of Falling
  • Up to 50% of residents develop a fear of future falls and/or injury. As a consequence, individuals may restrict their activities because they think that by taking this strategy they will be able to prevent another fall from occurring. Unfortunately, this strategy may backfire on them. When activities are restricted, muscles get weaker and balance becomes unsteady, which can lead to further falls.
  • Residents with mental impairment or dementia can also develop a fear of falling, and often display behavioral outbursts in response to this fear, such as agitation or a resistance to participate in certain activities.
  • Fear of falling is greatest in those residents who suffer several falls over a relatively short period of time and/or experience injury.
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