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I Am Voting for CLEAN HANDS
Obama...Romney...Democrat....Republican. Some days I think I will just wash my hands of the whole American political scene.
You see, I am a germophobe, a germ-freak, or as I call it, a really good nurse! That’s because I take hand hygiene really seriously! We have all had it drilled into our heads that the simple act of proper hand hygiene is crucial to stopping the spread of 80% of all infectious diseases! To help encourage more frequent handwashing, Georgia-Pacific has rolled out a really cool shareable infographic available at One statistic shared in the infographic is that the economic cost of lost productivity in the United States due to the common cold approaches $25 billion each year, which is totally preventable through -- you guessed it -- PROPER HAND HYGIENE! So, I don’t think it goes too far to say that in this political season, with each candidate claiming they are the ones that can make a difference in the nation’s economy, that the greatest impact on the economy can be had by just washing your hands of the whole thing!
To cast your vote for clean hands, we offer “Handwashing Responsibilities in Healthcare,” an online continuing education course for nurses, clinicians, and all healthcare professionals!

To see the course details, curriculum, and objectives CLICK HERE.
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