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May 5 is International Clean Your Hands Day
For one day every year the World Health Organization (WHO) aims a global campaign at healthcare staff and managers to focus on the importance of improving hand hygiene in hospitals.
To support this major campaign the WHO provides a suite of hand hygiene improvement tools and materials for participating hospitals that have been created using evidence, rigorous testing and leading expertise. These practical tools help to improve and sustain a multimodal hand hygiene strategy. 

First Global Patient Safety Challenge

The goal of Clean Care is Safer Care is to ensure that infection control is acknowledged universally as a solid and essential basis towards patient safety and supports the reduction of health care-associated infections and their consequences.

As a global campaign to improve hand hygiene among health-care workers, SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands is a major component of Clean Care is Safer Care. It advocates the need to improve and sustain hand hygiene practices of health-care workers at the right times and in the right way to help reduce the spread of potentially life-threatening infections in health-care facilities.

For downloads to distribute and to visit the WHO website on Clean Hands day: CLICK HERE
Pedagogy, like the organization, WHO, believes in the importance of clean hands in healthcare. In our online course Handwashing Responsibilities in Healthcare, the author Angil Tarach-Ritchey goes so far as to write: “Ask any nurse or nurse’s aide if they want to harm their patients and you’ll receive a strange look and a resounding “No," but that is exactly and intentionally what you do every time you fail to clean your hands prior to touching, caring for, and assisting them with their needs.”  Hand hygiene is a crucial proponent in health care and IS a part of saving lives.

This course is designed for nurses, nurse’s aides and healthcare workers in all healthcare settings since it is the single most important responsibility in preventing and reducing infections and disease transmission in all areas of patient care.  As a healthcare worker or professional you have heard about handwashing over and over in every orientation and in-service related to infection control, yet infection rates of MRSA, C-Diff, and other highly contagious infections continue to rise at an alarming rate.  This course will introduce a new perspective beyond basic infection control and hand hygiene, as a necessary part of patient safety and the healthcare provider’s responsibility.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
  1. Verbalize basic knowledge of infection control terminology and definitions
  2. Identify and understand modes of infection transmission
  3. List 3 common illnesses spread by contaminated hands
  4. Identify the #1 defense in transmittable infections
  5. Define hand hygiene protocol in patient care settings
  6. Demonstrate appropriate use of the 2 types of hand hygiene according to contamination level
  7. Verbalize and demonstrate effective handwashing technique
To view details or to purchase the course Click here

Inservicing for nursing assistant staff should be more than fulfilling annual inservice requirements. This continuing education is intended to promote growth and personal betterment. It should meet the educational needs of the nursing assistants and have a measurable impact on the quality of patient and client care. That is what you get when you utilize the educational tools of high quality inservice materials developed by a reputable education provider.

The next time that you need inservice materials for your nursing assistants, turn to Pedagogy’s online Inservice and Compliance section of education. Our online Learning Management System of tracking is the most cost effective and time saving method of providing quality inservice and compliance education for your staff. The Learning Management System also allows for a complete education plan to be set, emailed reminders to keep staff on track and in compliance of your education goals. A full history of your staff’s performance is right at your fingertips.

Pedagogy also offers a Membership Plan that provides the entire catalog for your staff to take any inservice or compliance course we offer! Quantity purchases may also qualify for tablets to facilitate staff completion of education. Click here to read more about our membership plans.

Online Inservice and Compliance Course Benefits
  • Our courses provide inservice contact hours
  • Our course incorporate adult learning principles
  • Audio capability—courses may be “read” aloud
  • Courses are packed with pictures, videos and illustrations to increase understanding of concepts
  • Review questions at the end of each chapter to ensure you are grasping the main concepts
  • Tests provide feedback on incorrect questions
  • You are allowed to repeat the test if the minimum 80% is not achieved
  • No travel to complete courses
  • No classroom time
  • No development time to create inservices for staff
  • No shift rescheduling to attend a course
  • Take course as schedule permits
  • Stop and start courses as your schedule permits, pick right up where you left off
  • Instant Certificates of Completion upon successful exam
Current list of Inservice and Compliance Education:

Ambulation and Preventing Falls

Behavior Problems and Workplace Violence

Blood and Body Fluid Spill Management

Bloodborne Pathogens

CPR for the Healthcare Professional

Documenting and Reporting Care and Vital Signs

Feeding Residents and Clients

Handwashing Responsibilities in Healthcare

Hazard Communication

Infectious Diseases

Nutrition Hydration and the Elderly

Positive Fire and Life Safety Practices

Preventing Resident Abuse

Range of Motion Exercises

Resident Rights and HIPAA

Safe Transfers and Lifts

Skin Care

Standard Precautions

Toileting and Elimination

Workplace Harassment
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