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Nursing Education - Stay With the Times
Let's face it nurses and nurse aides have differing education needs.
In today’s LTC healthcare environment where our nurses are expected to provide quality, high-level care to high acuity residents, requires higher-level education courses.

If you have used the SAME education provider for years, providing the SAME courses for years, is your staff really learning anything NEW?

Is it time to treat your staff to interesting, new, interactive courses and put your education dollars to work?

Pedagogy divides education memberships into 2 categories to fit the needs of the audience:
Inservices and Compliance Education, and Continuing Education.

Inservices for Certified Nursing Assistant and Home Health Care Aides.

All nursing assistants are required to have 12 hours of inservice education per year; use our online inservice education for your nurse assistant staff to provide targeted education. You can choose from multiple categories of inservices to fit the needs of your facility. Our inservices are packed with adult learning principles to reinforce quality of care and to elevate care standards in your facility. Courses have a read-aloud option for auditory learners, built in dictionary, pictures, diagrams, and online videos to illustrate best practice and concepts. Our online users report the ease of use with our online systems which makes learning easy for any level of computer experience. Interaction within our courses keeps the students attention and enhances the level of learning.
Pedagogy inservices are available from any computer or tablet device with an internet connection. Your staff will enjoy taking our courses any time of the day or night, on a schedule that is convenient for them.

Nursing and Administrator Continuing Education

For the healthcare professional, courses are written by subject matter experts on important topics that are current and relevant in today’s healthcare settings.  Pedagogy online education can provide Infusion education, I.V. Certification, Tracheostomy Care and Respiratory education, Disease Specific education, Prevention of Re-hospitalization, Comprehensive Fall Prevention Programs, Medication Administration Management, Communication, Infection Prevention, and much more.

CE COURSE CATALOG click the link to view the entire course catalog.
Our courses were designed by subject matter experts to impart their knowledge to your nurses; to allow them to confidently provide care to the higher acuity residents in LTC, SNF, and AL facilities.

Check out our Memberships today and start putting your education dollars to good use!!
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