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Obese Patient Airway Management
Let’s think about this. You have an obese patient about to undergo anesthesia, or an obese patient assigned to you in the ICU.
Are you really thinking to yourself, “This patient has twice the likelihood of developing serious airway problems” just because of some extra pounds? The likely answer is no, but the truth is that the obesity factor should be forefront in our minds as a risk factor associated with serious airway issues.

A major UK study shows that obese patients are twice as likely to develop serious airway problems when undergoing anesthesia, as compared to healthy weight patients. Obese patients are also more likely to die if they sustain airway complications while in the ICU. The report which is published in the British Journal of Anesthesia also shows that use of capnography significantly reduces the incidence of deaths and brain damage in ICUs. To read the entire article CLICK HERE.
In our online education course Advanced Airway Management, authored by Kevin Stansbury, we discuss these timely topics. Stansbury’s comprehensive airway course covers assessing airways, predictors and conditions causing difficult airways, and monitoring equipment used to reduce risk to patients. Advanced airway management is an essential skill for health care providers caring for patients undergoing anesthesia or for critically ill patients. Knowledge and competence in these core skills is truly of the utmost importance; in fact, it saves lives every day!
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