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Pedagogy Author Angil Tarach Ritchey Makes the Best Seller List
“Behind the Old Face” is Angil’s most recent book, focusing on aging in America and the coming elder boom, has hit the Amazon “Best Seller List”.
Angil is passionate about changing perceptions of the elderly and improving their care and treatment. In the book she writes…”We must break the old school thoughts and patterns of how we view aging and what we expect for our elderly, and ourselves”.

Do you see just an “old face” when you see an elderly person? Do you easily dismiss or ignore them? Does it cross your mind that behind the “old face” is someone who has a lifetime of memories and possibly wonderful accomplishments?

On her blog Aging in America, Angil writes,” This book comes from my 30+ years’ experience spending time with seniors, listening, chatting, caring, laughing, crying, helping, observing, and advocating.  I have been amazed, empathetic, sympathetic, joyful, filled with deep laughter, love, sadness, anger, grief, respect, sadness, compassion, understanding, disbelief, happiness, and a host of other emotions throughout the decades I have spent time with aging adults, family caregivers, and healthcare professionals.  I have witnessed the best in care, the worst in "care"and everything in between. To purchase a copy of Angil’s book and preview find it here on Amazon, CLICK HERE.

“Behind the Old Face” is part of a greater project to improve the treatment and care of the elderly. Watch and share the emotionally touching You Tube video “Behind the Old Face” and you will be changed! CLICK HERE
Angil has also written an online continuing education education course Handwashing Responsibilities in Healthcare for Pedagogy.

This course is designed for nurses, nurse’s aides and healthcare workers in all healthcare settings since it is the single most important responsibility in preventing and reducing infections and disease transmission in all areas of patient care. The course will introduce a new perspective beyond basic infection control and hand hygiene, as a necessary part of patient safety and the healthcare provider’s responsibility.

To view or purchase the course, CLICK HERE 

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