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Pedagogy Author featured in Nurse dot com
Pedagogy author Maureen Sullivan is featured in a online article. “On World Diabetes Day, Nov. 14, a woman will deliver a message based on the old adage, "Laughter is the best medicine.
Maureen Sullivan, RN, BSN, CEN, CDE, a Florida-based nurse who married her love of comedy with her passion for education, will present a continuing education course on diabetes followed by her comedy show at Coconuts Comedy Club at Jack’s Joint in Clearwater. "I’m sure Michelle Obama will be calling me soon, and I’m still waiting on Oprah to call about my book," Sullivan said, unable to refrain from jesting.”  In October, she launched a new health and humor show which airs live at 6:30 p.m. EST Mondays on Her husband, Mike Tevault, also a nurse, helps with engineering and maintaining her website, Visitors can request a speaking engagement or purchase her independently published book released in July. "Never Again! From horror to humor, my life as a nurse" is an 80-page account of true stories Sullivan jokes are "HIPAA compliant." "It gives insight into the humorous and almost horrific stuff that nurses see every day," she said.  To read the original article from CLICK HERE.

 Maureen has also written 3 continuing education courses for Pedagogy Incorporated.   Drawing from her experience and expertise as a Stroke Program Manager, she wrote Stroke: An Introduction and Stroke Management: Advanced.  Both courses have been designed to fulfill the continuing education requirements for the CORE stroke team as well as the Emergency Department staffs stroke continuing education requirements.  As the time from identifying a possible stroke to the time of initial treatment is of utmost importance to the recovery of the stroke victim, it is recommended that ALL healthcare professionals have continuing education on strokes. 

Putting her expertise in Diabetes Education to use Maureen has also written Diabetes: An Introduction.  This course was designed to educate all levels of healthcare providers on the chronic disease of diabetes as well as empower them to recognize their own personal risk factors.  The program discusses lifestyle changes, as well as overview medications available to treat diabetes. The course will review medical conditions associated with diabetes, their treatment goals, and proper patient education. The program is written to enhance the practice of healthcare providers in all areas of practice, from acute care settings to long term care facilities. Specific guidelines will be outlined for the care of a diabetic patient in a variety of clinical settings.

To learn more about Maureen’s continuing education course click on each course title to view complete details and to purchase.
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