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Pedagogy Welcomes New Subject Matter Expert and Author Stan Szpytek
Stanley J. Szpytek, Jr. is the president of Fire and Life Safety, Inc.
Mr. Szpytek is a fire service / safety professional with more than thirty (30) years of emergency service, loss control and asset protection experience. Stan is a former deputy fire chief / fire marshal of a metropolitan Chicago area fire protection district. His responsibilities included emergency management and the delivery of fire protection, emergency medical service, technical rescue and hazardous materials response and disaster planning to a suburban community with a population of approximately 24,000 permanent residents and a response area of 15.5 square miles. Additionally, he was responsible for fire prevention bureau management and the delivery of code enforcement, fire investigation, building plan review and public education programs within the jurisdiction. Mr. Szpytek honorably retired from the fire service in June of 2003. Additionally, he is a founding member of the Emergency Management Alliance (EMA), a group of specialized consulting firms providing disaster preparedness, emergency management and security assessment and training services to the insurance industry and individual facilities in a national marketplace.

Stan has written for Pedagogy Inc. a Positive Fire and Life Safety Practices online continuing education course, to enable the provision of his expert knowledge to all of your staff.  Research has shown that lack of training is one of the leading factors that contribute to the loss of life in healthcare facility fires.  Training is critical for owners, operators, management and all staff of healthcare facilities, as they are responsible for all occupants and residents. By educating a nursing facility’s staff about fire prevention, evacuation procedures, and the steps to take in the event of a fire, a facility will be assured of greater fire protection.

We are pleased and proud to have Stan as a member of the Pedagogy family.

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Positive Fire and Life Safety Practices

The possibility of a fire occurring in any type of occupancy or structure is a threat that must be taken seriously. A fire in a healthcare care facility would place occupants including patients, residents, staff and visitors in extreme jeopardy due to the custodial nature of these types of properties and the physical and mental limitations of infirmed residents. Positive practices and measure must be incorporated into the operations of every healthcare facility to help ensure the safety of building occupants by preventing the ignition or spread of fire. This on-line Positive Fire and Life Safety Practices in-service is designed to help you understand the threat of fire, recognize potential fire hazards and causes as well as understand positive practices that will help reduce the chances of a fire from occurring or limiting its potential spread. Additionally, this course will promote positive practices that will help a facility establish and maintain regulatory compliance with applicable Life Safety Codes.
Upon completion of the course, the participant should be able to:
  1. Define general fire prevention concepts and positive practices
  2. Name 2 potential fire hazards
  3. Name 2 potential fire causes
  4. List 1 procedure that will help limit the possibility of a fire
  5. List 1 positive practice that will help limit the ignition or spread of a fire
  6. List 1 general code requirements designed to prevent a fire and safeguard facility occupants
  7. Define the critical importance of the means of egress
  8. Define the R.A.C.E. Procedure
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