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Pedagogy is Proud to Introduce our Newest Author Patricia Schmehl
Pedagogy would like to introduce a recent addition to the great list of authors of our online continuing education; Patricia Schmehl MSN RN
Pat has spent 35 years in the nursing profession, concentrated mostly in the acute care hospital setting as a critical care nurse. Early on in her career she also practiced in the medical-surgical and operating room areas. She has also worked for nursing agencies and hospital float pools, rotating through other areas such as PACU and ECU. Her non-acute care setting experience includes blood donation phlebotomy with Keystone Community Blood Bank. Pat was also previously certified as an acute care nurse practitioner, working within a cardiology practice. She is an advocate for the prevention of diabetes.

Pat is also the author of “Introduction to Concept Mapping in Nursing; Critical Thinking in Action” that provides the foundation for what a concept map is and how to create a map that applies theory to practice.  This excellent resource addresses how students will think about applying nursing theory as it relates to concept mapping. This book is unique because it focuses on a broad application of concept mapping, and ties concept mapping closely to critical thinking skills.

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Patricia has also created a website to foster and hone nursing wisdom which reaches out to all nurses and nursing students. On the home page of her site she states “One of the main goals of nursing education is to promote and ensure adequate critical thinking skills in our nursing students. The first step in this process must be to define this term for students and to explain what is meant by it within nursing program and nursing course objectives. In other words, what must a student do to achieve and demonstrate critical thinking? How are course and program competencies achieved using critical thinking?  Beyond this, the next step(s) involve employing various teaching and learning strategies to ensure goal accomplishment related to critical thinking. This is a continual process using concepts such as reinforcement, layering knowledge, making associations between concepts and applying what is learned. Taking theoretical knowledge and giving it meaning through nursing actions is definitely critical thinking in action.”

To visit Pat’s website, CLICK HERE.
Patricia has written a crucial continuing education  course in nursing titled, “Use of Critical Thinking in Medication Administration
This course is designed to assist nurses in establishing best practices in medication administration safety through the development of multi-faceted critical thinking skills. These skills will enable recognition of all factors impacting safe nursing practice in any part of medication administration and prevent negative patient outcomes. You will also discover how critical thinking templates can be created to assist with promoting and developing critical thinking through the use of a case study.
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We are pleased to add Patricia to our Pedagogy family and look forward to her future courses.
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