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Publication Supporting Intravenous Vitamin C For Cancer Patients
Default news teaser image Riordan Clinic has tested and suggests the use of Vitamin C in cancer patients
The rationale is provided that intravenous, but not oral, vitamin C may be capable of addressing issues in cancer patients such as wasting (cachexia), immune suppression, and improving quality of life. Citing 246 references, the paper synthesized existing knowledge regarding the use of intravenous vitamin C for numerous medical conditions and seeks re-evaluation of the place of intravenous vitamin C in the context of conventional oncology practice.

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In the past, the use of vitamin C in the treatment of cancer has been considered controversial since some studies have claimed excellent results in extending lifespan of cancer patients, whereas other studies have not seen any effects. The discrepancy seems to be explained by studies seeing positive effects utilizing intravenous vitamin C, whereas the failed studies used oral vitamin C.

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