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Scaling Survey Hurdles
In today's increasingly outcomes-driven healthcare environment, more skilled nursing operators are stressing quality. Unfortunately, operators have learned that this heightened concern doesn't always translate to brag-worthy survey scores – or their ability to dodge deficiencies that dogged them in the past. 
Indeed, when it comes to survey data, certain areas continue to plague many facilities. In 2011, roughly 30% of facilities were cited for at least one of the top three deficiencies: presence of accident hazards, food preparation/storage, and infection control. Beyond that, more than 20% of all facilities were cited for at least one serious clinical deficiency, including failure to achieve the highest level of practical well-being and failure to produce comprehensive care plans, said Sheila Lambowitz, former director of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' division of institutional post-acute care, and current president of Lambowitz & Associates.

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Do your medication technicians or aides and nurses truly understand the ramifications of not performing a correct med pass? Medication concerns are a current focus of CMS and deficiency citation is on the rise.  Arm your staff with a thorough 3.5 contact hour intensive review of the Medication Pass.  With a focus on the current best practices of medication preparation and administration this online continuing education course will enhance understanding of the survey process and remedies the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) may enforce. The goal is to reduce facility medication error rates in order to provide safe medication administration to residents.

This course would be excellent for survey readiness review or for facilities that have received F-tags regarding medication administration this course serves as “Plan of Correction” directed education.

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An additional focus of CMS is Infection prevention and control.  Pedagogy Inc.  has an online continuing education  course to educate LTC nurses of what constitutes a quality Infection Prevention and Control Program.

Infection Prevention and Control in Long-Term Care

Preventing transmission of infections in a long-term care facility (LTCF) setting where residents are encouraged to be ambulatory and actively participate in group activities can be challenging. This course provides an overview of the risks of infection in the LTCF and reviews specific infections that may occur and prevention measures. In addition, the components of a successful Infection Control Program are presented, including surveillance and outbreak control. Links to Infection Prevention and Control resources are included to help develop and maintain an effective program to prevent and control infections in LTCFs.

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