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The Penalties Are Coming
According to Kaiser Health News beginning October 2012, more than 2,000 hospitals will see a penalty of up to 1% for excessive re-admissions. Current statistics show that 1 in 5 Medicare residents are readmitted within 30 days of discharge. This is bad for the patients and expensive for all of us.
Next year the penalty rate will increase to a maximum of 2% and then go to 3% the following year.

This is the time for assisted living and skilled nursing communities to be very aggressive in developing new partnerships with hospitals to help them reduce or keep these numbers low.

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This blog from the Senior Housing Forum couldn’t be MORE on track.

Are your nurses prepared to prevent re-hospitalizations? Can your nurses accurately assess and provide infusion therapies: TPN, Inotropics, antibiotics, rehydration I.V. or S.Q, Central Line care, peripheral insertions? Infusion therapies are a key component of the skills needed to treat many of these high risks residents. Pedagogy has the largest selection of online I.V. education courses and has developed a complete package of skills competency checklists for skills validations, by an in house preceptor.

Many LTC corporations are providing online education to raise the skills of their nursing staff in preparation of the re-hospitalizations penalties. Successful companies are placing data collections systems in use to accurately substantiate their re-hospitalization percentages. This data is highly sought after information for the acute care facilities looking for care partners to lower their re-hospitalization rates.

Pedagogy Inc.’s education goes beyond infusion therapies with many cardiac, respiratory, infection control courses to complete your nurse’s education.

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