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The advantages of Online Inservicing
Inservicing for nursing assistant staff should be more than fulfilling annual inservice requirements.
This continuing education is intended to promote growth and personal betterment. It should meet the educational needs of the nursing assistants and have a measurable impact on the quality of patient and client care. That is what you get when you utilize the educational tools of high quality inservice materials developed by a reputable education provider.

Read about the positive outcomes our clients have achieved:

  • Nancy an Infection Prevention Director at a long term care facility was concerned about her facility’s compliance rates of hand washing and infection control protocols. After her staff completed the “Standard Precautions” inservice she noticed a significant improvement of infection control practices and hand washing protocols among her staff members.
  • Utilizing quality inservice materials avoided a harmful situation with a resident of Debra’s at her skilled nursing facility. After all staff had completed the online inservice “Nutrition, Hydration, and the Elderly ”, one aide recognized the signs of dehydration and prevented a Sentinel Event. The nurse aide reported the incident to the charge nurse and prevented the possibility of a hospital visit for the resident.
  • At an assisted living facility, Diane director or nursing services, noted a charting audit revealed a high rate of nursing assistant documentation errors. The facility made “Documenting and Reporting Care and Vital Signs ” a mandatory online inservice for every nursing assistant. Follow up audits reveal a significant improvement in documentation.

In each of the examples, the director of nursing noticed and struggled with these problems for some time before providing online inservice programs from Pedagogy Inc. Could the facility develop an inservice program to provide to employees? Yes, but at what cost to the company? An example would be Catherine, a busy director of nursing. In addition to all of her routine work, she needs to find a way to reduce the number of urinary tract infections and constipation among the residents within her facility. She thinks about the idea for an hour on Monday and decides to develop an inservice program within her facility that explains urination and elimination importance to present to her nurse assistants on Friday.

One Tuesday, Catherine begins to do the research for the inservice. She spends three tedious hours on this and knows it is still not enough but cannot spare any more time. On Wednesday, Catherine tries to write an educational and interesting inservice, but multiple interruptions makes this task nearly impossible. After four hours of work she decides “enough is enough”. Next on the agenda are handouts for the students. This entails more computer time, typing, and copying and an additional hour.

On Thursday, with time running out, Catherine remembers that there needs to be a quiz and course objectives. She spends another hectic hour finishing the inservice. Catherine, proud of herself for saving the money from purchasing a class, figures that this inservice will have a big impact of the care that they provide.

On Friday, it is presentation time and Catherine must present the inservice to all 3 shifts. This complicated process takes rescheduling of staff to cover the floor and resident care during each of the hour long inservices. The presentation and scheduling takes an additional 4 hours.

Did all this hard work that Catherine put into this class really save the facility money? Catherine spent fourteen hours developing the inservice, objectives, handouts and exam. Catherine earns $38 an hour; Catherine cost the company $532 for a ‘quickly put-together’ inservice that may help to reduce the number of urinary tract infections and constipation within her facility. If Catherine would have spent a few minutes surfing the internet for educational services, she would have discovered that for approximately $10 per nursing assistant, she could have purchased a high quality online inservice program. Instead of throwing together a few handouts and a rushed program, Catherine could have purchased a well-developed, in-depth, inservice on ‘Toileting and Elimination’, complete with video tutorials, review questions, online exams and complete paperless documentation of inservices for all staff. Online inservices can be taken by the nursing assistants anytime of the day or night, when it fits their schedule. The education is interesting, interactive and presented in a consistent manner and format.

Which inservice program do you think will get better results?

In today’s health care setting, directors of nursing are too busy to accomplish it all. The next time that you need inservice materials for your nursing assistants, turn to Pedagogy’s online Inservice and Compliance section of education. Our online Learning Management System of tracking is the most cost effective and time saving method of providing quality inservice and compliance education for your staff. The Learning Management System also allows for a complete education plan to be set, emailed reminders to keep staff on track and in compliance of your education goals. A full history of your staff’s performance is right at your fingertips.

Pedagogy also offers a Membership Plan that provides the entire catalog for your staff to take any inservice or compliance course we offer! Quantity purchases may also qualify for tablets to facilitate staff completion of education. Click here to read more about our membership plans.

Online Inservice and Compliance Course Benefits
  • Our courses provide inservice contact hours
  • Our course incorporate adult learning principles
  • Audio capability—courses may be “read” aloud
  • Courses are packed with pictures, videos and illustrations to increase understanding of concepts
  • Review questions at the end of each chapter to ensure you are grasping the main concepts
  • Tests provide feedback on incorrect questions
  • You are allowed to repeat the test if the minimum 80% is not achieved
  • No travel to complete courses
  • No classroom time
  • No shift rescheduling to attend a course
  • Take course as YOUR schedule permits
  • Stop and start courses as your schedule permits, pick right up where you left off
  • Instant Certificates of Completion upon successful exam
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