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Type 1 Diabetics Living Longer
Lifespans Significantly Increased in Type 1 Diabetics!  A new study found that people diagnosed as Type 1 diabetics between 1965 and 1980 lived around 15 years longer than people diagnosed between 1950 and 1964. 
The improvement in life expectancy is a tribute to how modern day treatment has dramatically changed the outlook for those with Type 1 diabetes. 
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Which modern day treatments are these that have led to such dramatic improvement in the longevity for diabetics?  Pedagogy’s newest course, “Diabetes: An Introduction,” written by Maureen Sullivan-Tevault, is a comprehensive look at diabetes, from diagnosis and complications, to the most up-to-date management of this once-devastating disease.  Diabetics are now living long, healthy lives, thanks to the modern healthcare practices taught in this valuable course. 
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