Before Taking Your First Class

Here are some tips to help create a great Pedagogy experience. Read through these tips and take the demo class to get a feel for the system and how it works.

TIPS for a better experience

  • Our classes can be taken in any web browser. We test the most current version of each web browser, so if you haven't updated to the most current version of your web browser, you may want to do so before taking a class.
  • You should take our demo class before taking your first course to become familiar with how our screens work. 
  • Sound examples have been used in some courses. Sound files are represented by an icon that looks like a document with a speaker. 
  • Some pages in the courses have a "read out loud" feature. "Read out loud" is represented by a set of headphones around a play button or a media player control panel. 
  • Our classes are designed to be viewed with a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 (or more). If your screen resolution is set smaller, you will have to scroll left and right; up and down to view pages completely.
  • If you don't see the green navigation buttons at the bottom of the class pages, you should consider increasing your resolution. 
  • Some pages extend beyond the bottom of the screen. If a scroll bar is seen on the right side of the class page at any time, be sure to scroll down to view the entire page. 
  • Once registered for a class, you will be directed to purchase the class before you may begin. Next to the title of the class, is a box indicating the paid status.
  • After payment is made for a class, please refresh the web page to update the payment status.
  • Once a class is paid for, the class title link will take you to the class management page to begin the course.

DEMO Class

We have created a basic demo class to help you become familiar with how the class, page navigation and questions work. You should take the demo class before your first real class. Click here to open the demo class.
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