How Pedagogy Tests Work

Our test process is designed to provide the most flexible, yet secure testing environment possible, while protecting the integrity of the exam. Since internet testing is something that people can watch, copy, print or share, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the integrity of our exams and meaning of a Pedagogy Certificate. Here are some of the highlights of our test process:
  • Two (2) people taking the same test at the same time will not get the same questions in the same order.
  • Someone who fails to pass the test (less than 80%) may retake the test and will receive different questions.
  • Test questions ensure you understand the concept of each chapter and can apply knowledge learned.
  • After completing the test, incorrect answers may be reviewed.
  • Pedagogy uses a random question routine to provide different questions for each person. Questions are taken from a pool and assigned on an individual basis. For each exam, a new set of questions are selected to ensure concepts are understood.
Note: The instructor of the class determines the amount of randomization during the definition of the class and test.

Review Questions

At the end of each chapter, review questions are presented to reinforce the concepts of the chapter. Review questions provide immediate feedback for the correct answers and will point to the source of information if incorrectly answered. Review questions are presented in the same manner as test questions to ensure the actual test follows a familiar format.

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