Continuing Education Courses

Our continuing education courses deliver content in specialty areas you will not find with other online education companies. Our areas of expertise include infusion therapies, IV education and certification, respiratory therapies, medication management, and disease state management and care. We also provide basic education for clinicians and managers in the areas of fall management, strokes, diabetes, spiritual and cultural education, and infection control. These accredited continuing education for nurses and administrators  raise the standard of care your facility can provide.

Included Courses

Course Titles

Contact Hours

Acid-Base Insight Generator 2.0
Acute Coronary Syndrome 2.0
Addressing The Spiritual And Cultural Needs Of Clients 1.5
All About Gamma Globulin 1.5
Basic Peripheral IV Therapy in Adults; Current Standards of Practice 7.5
Clostridium Difficile Colitis Prevention And Management 4.5
Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion in Long Term Care (CSII) 2.5
Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion for the School Nurse 2.5
Communications In Healthcare 1.0
Current Concepts in Adult Pain Management 3.0
Current Concepts in Chemotherapy 3.0
Current Practices in the Management of Central Lines 5.0
Dementia Diagnosis and Treatment 5.5
Diabetes: An Introduction 3.5
Effective Blood Collection - Phlebotomy 3.0
EKG Recognition 6.5
Goal: Zero Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections 2.0
Infection Prevention and Control in Long-Term Care 2.5
Inotropic Therapy for the Treatment of Chronic Congestive Heart Failure 2.0
Intraosseous Access Devices 4.5
Its All About Ports 2.0
Managing Falls In the Nursing Home: Who, Why and What Next? 4.0
Moderate Sedation 1.0
Norovirus in Long-Term Care Facilities 3.0
Preventing and Managing Norovirus in Healthcare Settings 2.0
Reducing Hospitalization with Hypodermoclysis 1.5
Reducing Medication Errors: A Focus on the Med Pass 3.5
Stress 101 1.0
Stroke: An Introduction 2.5
Stroke Management: Advanced 3.0
Total Parenteral Nutrition in the Adult Patient 5.0
Transfusion Therapy in the Adult Patient 4.0
Understanding the Leader in You 1.0
Using Hospice and Palliative Preferred Practices to Create a Plan of Care 2.0
Wound Care in Todays Healthcare Environment 8.0

Membership Dues

Number of Clinicians

Annual Dues


1 to 25 $198.00 per person None
26 to 50 $188.00 per person 1 Tablet
51 + $178.00 per person 2 Tablets


All our specialized continuing education is included in this membership, including any new releases during your membership term at no additional charge.

Our large and extensive certificate courses are not included with membership levels, but members get a 10% discount on those courses with available special coupon codes!

Memberships are available for facilities as well as individuals to allow your entire organization to receive all the online education Pedagogy offers for one low price.

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Steps to Membership Set-up

It is easy to set up your membership.  Determine how many “seats” your facility needs. Call or email us with your facility information, key contact names and email addresses.  We take care of the rest and your facility can be up and going within hours, not days or weeks all with no upfront costs to you!!  This quick and easy access to the learning portal will have your facility up and learning in no time.

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