Why tablets?

Tablets are becoming mainstream in almost every segment of our lives. They are easy to carry, comfortable to work with, and provide an easy to use touch interface. Pedagogy was the first education provider to provide iOS and Android tablet interfaces for all courses with no special software to download, or limited display features! All  courses work the same on your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone!

Membership plans offer 1 or 2 tablets each, completely configured and ready to go, just turn them on and click the icon on your home screen. Tablets come complete with a Pedagogy education email address and are fully functional devices.The tablets are your's to use in any capacity you wish, with a qualifying paid membership plan. For example, if you purchase both memberships at qualified levels,you receive 4 tablets as part of your membership purchase!

Additional tablets may be purchased with any membership level.

Have Questions?

Our highly experienced staff members can explain the details or answer any questions you may have. 

Give us a call:

Standard Operating Hours of Phone Support
9AM to 5PM CST; Monday through Friday

Phone: 903-871-2150

Email: and we will contact you promptly.


About Pedagogy Inc.

Pedagogy Inc. has over 40 combined decades of experience behind the health care education that we provide to our students. This expertise, combined with a dedicated team of notably experienced programmers, graphic designers, data base architects, and customer service specialists creates an industry leading platform for online learning. Our e-learning courses are written by the fore-most subject matter experts and clinicians that bring their wealth of knowledge to your staff.

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