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The Resurgence of an Old Hydration Technique - Hypodermoclysis
With the hot days of summer approaching- keeping our elderly hydrated becomes critically important.
Often an acute illness affects the ability of an elderly client or resident to keep up with the demands of sufficient water intake by mouth and rehydration via another means become necessary. Anyone who has attempted an IV catheter insertion on an elderly dehydrated patient KNOWS the frustration and often the impossibility of the task. Due to the fact of very difficult cannulations in dehydrated individuals, we are seeing a resurgence of an old technique of rehydration called hypodermoclysis or sometimes simply called “clysis”. Clysis is an optimal means of administering non-emergent subcutaneous parenteral fluids. The technique is a valuable strategy for SNF’s, LTC facilities, LTAC’s and home health agencies to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations – a major focus in the health care industry today.

Hypodermoclysis is cost-effective, easy to administer, and safer than intravenous rehydration, but many nurses and healthcare practitioners are unfamiliar with the therapy. Pedagogy Inc. has developed an online continuing education course that will prepare the licensed nurse or other licensed caregivers to provide this valuable intervention, thereby decreasing the risk of hospitalization with its associated risks and costs.
The online continuing education course Reducing Hospitalization with Hypodermoclysis is a 1.5 contact hour course accessible through any computer or tablet device with an internet connection. This course may be taken by an individual or provided to an entire facility or agency to educate their nurses to identify dehydration, determine when this technique can be used, what hydrating solutions are appropriate, as well as contraindications and possible complications. The course contains a skill competency checklist, to verify competency in this skill.

Pedagogy is an online training resource unlike any other training site on the internet today. We offer current, comprehensive and cost effective online training to individuals, facilities, hospitals and home health agencies. See our Classes area for the complete catalog of online training.

Our system provides the ability to take courses on your own schedule and at your own pace from any computer with internet access. With course completion and successful testing scores above 80%, certificates are instantly available. Regardless of location, schedule, or unique needs, Pedagogy will help you achieve training goals.

Take a look around, explore the site and see how Pedagogy has raised the bar for online training!
  • Our courses offer CE contact hours
  • Our course incorporate adult learning principles
  • Audio capability—courses may be “read” aloud
  • Courses are packed with pictures, videos and illustrations to increase understanding of concepts
  • Review questions at the end of each chapter to ensure you are grasping the main concepts
  • Education prepares you to confidently provide quality care to your I.V. patient
  • Tests provide feedback on incorrect questions
  • You are allowed to repeat the test if the minimum 80% is not achieved
  • No travel to complete courses
  • No classroom time
  • No shift rescheduling to attend a course
  • Take course as YOUR schedule permits
  • Stop and start courses as your schedule permits, pick right up where you left off
  • Quality, thorough IV education
  • Instant Certificates of Completion upon successful exam
  • Competency demonstration checklists available
  • Competency demonstrations are completed with a mentor, preceptor or employer
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