Making Sense of IV “Certification” for RNs

For Registered Nurses, there is no additional education required outside of basic nursing curricula to be able to perform infusion therapy for patients.  The standard is that an RN performing infusion therapy should have the requisite knowledge and skills derived from application of the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice.  However, the Infusion Nurses Society recommends, due to the lack and/or inconsistency of infusion therapy in basic nursing curricula, that the RN complete an organized educational program on infusion therapy.  This basic knowledge of safe administration of IV therapy is the standard to which all nurses will be held in a court of law should a lawsuit occur.  To sum it up, additional education beyond nursing school is not required but is recommended for RNs to perform infusion therapy on patients.

Now, talking about IV “Certification,” nurses in certain specialty areas may choose to obtain certifications in their field of practice.  For instance, you may obtain certifications in orthopedics, pediatrics, obstetrics, or IV therapy.  It is simply a certification you obtain after additional education and testing, to recognize your specialization, enhance professionalism, and in some cases, increase financial reimbursement.  This certification is related to an overall specialty, rather than a set of clinical skills.  The Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation and the Vascular Access Certification Corporation both issue certifications to nurses who have chosen IV therapy as their area of specialty. Certifications are issued through testing and validation of infusion knowledge.

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